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The Royal Court,

A Wildwood NJ Motel

One block to the Wildwood Beach and Boardwalk! Walk to Everything.

Whereever you need to go in Wildwood, just take a stroll
-- Right from and right back to the Royal Court Motel --
Your Wildwood NJ Vacation Haven!

Come stay in the heart of Wildwood New Jersey for comfortable accommodation and easy access to Wildwood's main attractions! The Royal Court is a Wildwood Motel providing vacationers the perfect combination of affordability, comfort, and convenience. We aim to please by providing a relaxing vacation atmosphere with cool, clean, and comfortable Wildwood lodging ranging from standard rooms and efficiency suites, to two bedroom apartments.

Best Wildwood NJ Motels Location: Walk to everything!

Of the many Wildwood hotels and motels by the New Jersey shore, the Royal Court Motel is especially privledged to be located in the heart of Wildwood just moments away from the beach, boardwalk, Wildwood Convention Center, and the vast pier of amusements that seem to stretch endlessly into the night. Choose your accommodation wisely so you can get the most out of your NJ shore vacation. When choosing a Wildwood hotel, consider amenities, price, location, proximity to practical and recreational points of interest, and noise levels. Wildwood NJ motels and hotels line along the boardwalk and shoreline as well as the inner streets parallel to the beach. So you have many locations to choose your Wildwood accommodation from. The Royal Court Motel is ideal because it is less than a block to the Wildwood NJ boardwalk, and a few minutes to the convention center, beach, and the rides and attractions area of the boardwalk. Unlike many of the Wildwood hotels, in addition to close proximity to the vacation attractions, the Royal Court Motel is conveniently adjacent to restaurants and a convenience store. Make the Royal Court your Wildwood hotel of choice.

Why vacation in Wildwood NJ?

The Wildwoods in NJ, also known as Wildwoods-by-the-Sea as they rest along the New Jersey shore, consist of North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Wildwood Crest in Cape May County NJ. Wildwood is one of the more popular of these three beach vacation spots becuase of its world famous boardwalk and amusement piers. Morey's Piers has enough rides, both mild and monumental, to keep a family enthused and entertained for weeks on end.

Yet the New Jersey Wildwoods are more than just a good time for family vacationers. Aside from the beach, piers, boating, biking, waterparks, arcades, shows, conventions, and many other attractions and events, there is the particularly special and magical character of the Wildwoods. If you visit Wildwood New Jersey, you will be struck by its look, feel, and smells, with a sense of nostalgia. This is because Wildwood NJ is one of the few themed cities in teh country that pays tribute to the great era of the 50's and 60's. Many of the Wildwood motels and hotels, lodging, and commerical bulidings, restaurants, shops, and parlors, in some way or another, pay homage to that era.

Royal Court Motel à Wildwood NJ

Not only does the Wildwood NJ resort attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from neighboring states, it is a favorite stop of Canadian vacationers, especially Canadian familes. The Royal Court motel à Wildwood NJ welcomes Canadians to make extended stays in our motel apartments and efficiency suites! We appreciate you driving all the way down to Cape May, and understand that it would be most cost effective (especially with rising gas prices!) to make an extended weekly or longer stay in a unit with kitchen provisions. We recommend you book early in the year to secure our best rates with our early-booking discounts.

Doo Wop Wildwood NJ Motels and Wildwood NJ Hotels

The architecture of hotels in Wildwood is especially famous for its wacky retro doo wop style. There is no other place where you will get to see a collection of funky motels in the distinctive doo wop style. The motels in Wildwood are are world reknown for their historical significance. Just take a ride or stroll down the avenues along wildwood-by-sea and you will see the largest collection of doo wop inspired hotels and motels in New Jersey, and in the country for that matter.

So plan your Wildwood vacation soon. Wildwood, New Jersey is not just another beach resort, it's a valuable piece of American History, a tribute to a time of optimism, exuberance, and creativity. And make the Royal Court your Family Wildwood Motel.

Royal Court Motel in Wildwood NJ (motel à wildwood) offers Wildwood Accommodations. It is a member of the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce and the Wildwood Hotel Motel Association representing Wildwood Motels, Wildwood Hotels, and other Wildwood Lodging Businesses as well as North Wildwood Motels and Hotels, and Wildwood Crest Motels and Hotels serving the South Jersey Shore/NJ Beach Resort locales.