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The Royal Court Motel in Wildwood NJ is a prom student favorite for it's great location, awesome apartments, and social-friendly layout for large group bookings. We have hosted Wildwood student weekends for many years often with repeat student guests. Let us become a part of your High School Prom tradition!


  1. WE WELCOME PROM STUDENTS AND YOUNG ADULT GUESTS on designated dates in MAR through JUN only. Student permissable weekends will be clearly indicated under each room type when you do a date search to book online. Guests under 25 are not permitted to book or check-in on non-student weekends. MISREPRESENTATION VOIDS RESERVATION WITHOUT REFUND.

  2. If your dates vary slightly, please call us and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.


  4. Check In: Check Out: ADULTS:


  1. LIMITED STUDENT-ONLY DATES - Hotel booking is open to young adults under 25 on SELECT MAR, APR, MAY, and JUN DATES ONLY. Prom only dates are noted next to room type on search results.
  2. AGE REQUIREMENTS: For student groups, at least one guest in room must be aged 18 or older and booking must be done under that individual's name. All other guests must be age 17 and up.
  3. REGISTRATION - Each and every guest must sign the registration agreement at check-in. Lead registrant must provide accurate contact and vehicle information. Parking available for one car per unit booked regardless of unit size. Vehicles not clearly displaying hotel car permit on rear-view mirror will be towed at owners expense or charged a Parking Fee.
  4. NO ENTRY WITHOUT PHOTO ID: Each guest must present valid government issued photo id with birth-date information at check-in.
  5. SECURITY DEPOSIT: A $40.00 PER-PERSON CASH-ONLY security deposit is required at check-in, and is refundable at check-out so long as there is no damages, no disturbances, no visitors, and if applicable: individual wristbands are intact to be removable by staff only at checkout.
  6. NO VISITORS: Unregistered persons in or near specific guests rooms will result in deposit forfeiture for the room guests in question.
  7. WRIST BAND POLICIES: Each guest may be required to wear a water proof plastic wrist band with permanent locking snap for guest validation on premises. Wrist band must be worn at all times. Persons on property without wristband will be ejected from premises without refund. REQUIRED FOR DEPOSIT REFUND: Wrist Band must be cut off at check-out by staff personnel only. Already cut wristbands will not be accepted and security deposit will not be refunded. Fee for replacement of lost wristband: $50 PER PERSON PER NIGHT + tax.
  8. Management and housekeeping staff is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. Please keep valuables in your own possession at all times.
  9. No loud music, under-age drinking, loud inappropriate behavior, public use of vulgar or profane language. No loitering, or congregation in property vicinity including but not limited to sidewalks, parking-lot, walk-ways, and corridors. Each guest is required to behave properly, respect other guests, & the surrounding neighborhood. Underage drinking, public display of alcoholic beverages, group rowdiness, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Violators will be evicted without refund.
  10. Guest will be responsible to pay for all damages to rooms or property incurred during their stay. We reserve the right to charge your credit card for the repair of damages as well as for missing items. Additional cleaning charges will apply if rooms are left in excessively dirty or unsanitary conditions.
  11. Violators of hotel rules and regulations subject to eviction without refund.
    • Individual Booking Cancellation Policy: 75% of deposit is refunded (after 25% handling charge) if cancellation is made 15 days prior to arrival date. No refunds on specials and discount packages. No refund for cancellations made within 15 days of arrival or at check-in time. No refunds for early check-out.
    • Group Booking Cancellation Policy: For groups of 3 rooms or more: 70% of deposit is refunded (after 30% handling charge) if cancellation is made 45 days prior to arrival date. No refund for cancellations made within 45 days of arrival or at check-in time. No refunds for early check-out.
  13. This is a privately owned property. Management reserves the right to refuse services to anyone.
Copyright (c) 2016 All Rights Reserved. No portion of these terms and policies maybe used or published without written agreement of the author and proprietors of Royal Court Motel, Wildwood NJ.

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